Monday, July 26, 2004


Tunisian teacher presentations

On Saturday July 26 we are being treated to a series of presentations by Tunisian teachers reporting on their projects. I decided to 'blog' my notes (record my notes in my WebLog).

Abdulmalek presents Spread Your Pens ...

Writing stories and writing poems
Story completion _ Read the beginning of a story, select a thread, write its completion

Some 50 or 60 students uploaded stories linkable from a page, with illustrations provided by the students

A second project had students email poetry in text with request for associated image, posted at young poet's corner, certificates awarded at the end

Dalel showed Mourad's ELT corner

A beginner website with Hot Potatoes crosswords, quizzes, etc
Also has set of old tests, pictures of clipart by themes, like animals
favorite links

and Primary School English Clubs
Flash and course builder developed site
writing, grammar, flash zone, Welcome to english Lessons, update notices done with flash announcement ...

ONline magazines
Besma's at
Dalel's ?? ...

at Resources / ICT experiences
Olfa Bougacha, Talking about Music
listening activities, listen to song and do exercises (gap filling with Lean on Me) Hot Pot integrated with HTML and media play
Discussion of this activity
teacher chose popular song so difficult lyrics didn't matter
teacher moved around the room making sure that all students on task
integration of skills, assisted by computing teacher (two teachers, one with computer skills, one concerned with content)

AbdulMalek showed

Lamia is a novice with ITC having had only one training course in Malaysia
She presented pictures depicting stage of life, problems with drugs, loneliness, etc (aimed at teenagers)
Students choose titles for the pictures (vocabulary like stress, depression, self esteem, personality traits) Say sentences about yourself (students express themselves straightforwardly, to the point)

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