Tuesday, July 20, 2004


Tuesday - Yahoo Groups

We started a Yahoo Group today. Everyone in the English Network sessions should enroll in the group and add a bookmark to the Our Blogs folder under Links.

To enroll, if you are a Yahoo member, simply visit the website, click Join this Group, and enter your Yahoo name and ID. Let Yahoo use your default profile and email address, and decide whether to receive emails each time someone posts to the group, receive a bundle of emails each day (a digest), or get no mail delivered but still be able to read messages whenever you like on the website.

Here is the YahooGroup site:
Its Tiny URL: http://tinyurl.com/5g7pb

You can also subscribe by email:

Once you've suscribed send a message to introduce yourself and check the web site for earlier messages. Here's the address to post:

Finally, once you can access the website as a member, add a link to your blog by adding a bookmark to the Our Blogs folder under Links. Here are the steps:

- Log onto the website
- Click on Links in the column at left
- Browse to the 'Our Blogs' folder
- Enter your blog address. It should look like:
- use Edit to correct any errors

Above all, have FUN


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