Monday, July 19, 2004


Tuesday - Resources for Online Tutors

I have created an extensive set of tutor resource materials at my ESL_Home website. I discovered yesterday that almost half my resources project, the part stored at Geocities, is blocked in Tunisia (as it is also in China). However I also discovered a workaround.

I found that many of my pages are cached at Google. So if you type in Vance Stevens and enough other words on one of my pages for a Google search to hit on it, then you can pull up the page from the cached version at Google.

For example, if you are interested in my ESL_Home portal, just type that into a Google search along with the words Vance Stevens. Here is the result (I've made it a tiny URL:

Here are more:

- my set of links to teacher-made portal sites, where teachers have made links to resources to help them teach English:

- my set of links to teacher-made grammar help sites:

- Vance's Virtual Resource Center
click here

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